Hi. I'm Samantha and I blog from Brooklyn, New York.

Those aren't bromeliads I'm holding. They are plastic flowers from the Dollar Tree. They are going to become cool jewelry. Truth. For a buck.

I named my blog Bromeliad because bromeliads are resourceful plants that pull nutrients out of the thin air and reach light by attaching themselves to taller trees. Bromeliad the blog is about searching for great design and making it accessible, affordable and above all DIYable.

Contact me at bromeliadliving at gmail.com.

Disclosure: I prefer reusing to buying new, but I do occasionally recommend a new product that is a good deal. I'm a member of the affiliate content network ShopSense, and I may receive compensation when readers click through ShopSense links to the retailer. I also do the occasional sponsored post, and such posts are clearly labeled.