Sunday, July 6, 2014

Make a DIY perforated clutch

This is my kind of DIY. Super easy. Super cheap. And on trend. (See yesterday's post for why you need something perforated right now.)

Can you guess what this clutch is made out of?

Guess, guess, guess.

Give up?

Dish mats. Yepper. Pick up two white dollar store dish mats and glue them together. That's it, basically. I tried to make it harder but it didn't come out any better.

Use good glue, like 5-minute epoxy or E6000 glue. Glue three sides of your clutch.

You can add a magnetic purse clasp to the top or embellish in other ways.

You can slide in your phone, your beach reads and your sunnies. If you get sand in your DIY clutch, just put in the sink with the dishes.

I created this tutorial for Dollar Store Crafts.


  1. GORGEOUS! You are a genius. This is so minimalist and modern. Running off to the Dollar Store NOW...

    1. Thank you! I wasn't sure if anybody would 'get' it. Or would it just look like a dish mat under my arm. But .... I like it.