Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pinned it/Wore it - how to wear a white blazer

To get right to the point, the white blazer is a Pinterest trend worth trying. And summer has finally cooled down enough that you can stand to wear one.

From my searches across the interwebs and personal experience trying this trend, here are three tips for donning a white jacket without looking like you are wearing a lab coat:
  1. Unbutton the jacket
  2. Roll up the sleeves
  3. Don't accessorize with a stethoscope.

Although a white blazer is traditionally considered a dress-up item, it seemed most successful when paired with dress-down clothes. For example, you can't go wrong with a white jacket and a denim or chambray shirt.  White blazer with blue shirt from Could I Have That via Pose at left. Photo at right, source unknown.

Below, me trying it out myself.

Next most likely to succeed is a white blazer with a grey top and/or skinny black pants. White blazer, grey tee and cutoff shorts at Collage Vintage. White blazer with grey tee and black pants from Lovely Pepa. White blazer with grey tee and rhinestone necklace from Fashion Gone Rouge bottom right.


Below are two other popular ways to wear it, one with tattered jeans and the other with shorts of pretty much any color or style. A white blazer seems to naturally dress up an otherwise casual summer outfit. White blazer and jeans from Song of Style. Photo on right unknown.

Finding examples of white blazers with actual work appropriate clothes was harder to turn up, but Bee and Wendy provided some. First the white blazer to tone down a bright or patterned skirt. White blazer with yellow skirt at Atlantic-Pacific. White blazer with printed skirt at Wendy's Lookbook.

And a white blazer with a dress, short or long as seen below. White blazer with knit dress at Atlantic-Pacific. White blazer with black dress at Wendy's Lookbook.

I was contemplating the purchase of a white blazer when one turned up at my thrift spot. It's nice to sample a trend for almost nothing. For those not so fortunate, here's some places to buy a white blazer starting at as little as $18 and none over $100.
  • Cropped fitted blazer at Kmart.
  • Fitted blazer on sale at Kmart.
  • Cropped blazer on sale at JCP.
  • Long blazer on sale at JCP.
  • Tuxedo style blazer at Forever 21.
  • Fitted blazer at ASOS.
  • Minimalist blazer on sale at Mango.
  • Tailored fitted blazer at Mango.
  • Slim-fit striped blazer on sale at Mango.
  • Blazer with rolled up cuffs at Zara. (Note: I think both Bee and Wendy are wearing Zara. )
  • Long loose-fit blazer at Zara.
Have you tried the white blazer?


  1. A look that is so fresh and so clean (to quote Outkast). Have you talked about the large charm bracelet you're wearing? I'd love to hear about it.

    1. One is from my mom's amazing stash, possibly from the 70s. The other is Avon circa 1990s. It even has a cellphone charm with an antenna and a tiny credit card with a expiration of 2001.

  • Robin @ Happily Home, AfterAugust 15, 2013 at 8:41 AM

    I have a pile of clothing from last week's closet cleaning adventure {again} that I planned on donating; I've returned to said pile and pulled out my white blazer. Still fits perfectly and is spotless, I just didn't think it fit with my wardrobe which is more casual. I should have realized its an opposites attract vibe, just like wearing my white jeans jacket with fancier dresses. So your trend spotting made me realize it might work perfectly with shorts, chambray and a statement necklace, all which I own. So new potential outfit for $0. Thanks! I'll find another item from my closet to replace it in the donate pile.

    1. Awesome. I love seeing old clothes in a new light thanks to Pinterest