Thursday, June 6, 2013

My DIY 5-minute skirt alteration

Here are two super easy alterations you can make to a thrift store skirt that don't even require a sewing machine.

I've had a lot of success finding colorful skirts in thrift stores, but sometimes the fit and style leaves much to be desired. The 1990s were an era of putting padding where no padding should go (e.g. shoulder pads, harem pants, and adding pleats and pockets to the hip area.)

If we take another look at our wonky skirt from yesterday, you will note that part of the problem is gapping bulky pockets.

Solution: Pin and hand sew the pockets shut. Turn the skirt inside out and chop off the pockets.

The second alteration helps with the shapelessness you will sometimes see in a second-hand skirt. See how the skirt tapers out at the end when it really would look a lot better if it were straight or even tapered in?

If you don't want to bother with actually tapering the skirt (and you may not want to if the skirt is full at the top since it will just exaggerate the problem), just sew up the back slit.

If the back slit has flaps, make sure they overlap evenly (both flaps should bend in just a tad.) Pin and try moving around in the skirt. If you're OK, then hand stitch the flap shut.

Still a little "poofy" but definitely better.

Have you found any quick fixes for your clothes?


  1. Elisa @ What the VitaJune 6, 2013 at 11:44 PM

    Love the color and shape of that skirt, what a great find!!

    This post makes me grumble at myself for not taking out my sewing machine out of the garage and putting it to good use! Someday, someday.

  2. I always find cool skirts via the thrift with pockets but I never really considered doing this. Sometimes the pockets do gape open and sometimes they are too small and too high to even I just pass them up. Thanks for this cause now I won't be passing up great skirts anymore.

  3. I never thought of doing this. I always find great skirts with pockets that gape, too small, too high up to use so I just pass them up. Thanks for sharing this cause now I'll be on the lookout.