Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More DIY Fashion Month inspiration


A whole month of fashion weeks certainly merits two posts, especially since the French did not get to weigh in on the last one.
DIY collars have been around awhile but two variations could be a cutwork and beaded collar like the Valentino one above or a textured color-contrasting one like the Miu Miu one below.  

Then there have been lots of fun things with fur, like shoe pom poms. 

Very bright fur hats at Chanel.

And lots of fluffy furry bags. 
This one is practically a lap dog with straps.
Then there are new variations on multi-color fur.
DIY fringe necklaces have been done. How about DIY ombre fringe?

Alert reader Nicola Lynde pointed me to Celine for DIYability. First the jewelry - simple bands with a single round stone.

There's also this fairly simple but interesting cape.
And a lot of crazy dresses with sleeves as belts. I can see my bloggie friend Donatella knitting one of these up already. For us less talented DIYers, this might be an idea for an oversized thrifted dress.
Add two buttons to your coat hem a la Chanel.

Fabric paint something Picasso-ish like Dior.

Check out those sleeves.

At least three people were photographed with this necklace. You might try a variation of this tutorial to make something similar.

More big metal necklaces.

And a simple yellow rope necklace.

And a big ornate collar necklace.

Add polka dots to a vintage bag like Miu Miu.

You might do a  trompe l'oeil version of the bag below with a plain white tote, a sharpie and a straight edge.
And check out the Elvis necklace.

And a photoreal clutch. I am so on this trend. Get a tutorial here.

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  1. Brooke @ Inside-Out DesignMarch 13, 2013 at 4:58 PM

    I LOVE the buttoned coat hem!! What a fab look!

    1. Yeahn. A fun way to show off a cool coat lining that nobody gets to see otherwise.

  • Okay, I'm putting in a request. Can you figure out how to hack that look from Dior? I'd love to get a simple solid shell or skirt and apply a Picasso-esque drawing like that...

    1. Well, I have learned that the artwork is Warhol. Perhaps photo transfer paper and a google image search?