Monday, February 11, 2013

My DIY Michael Kors cuff

I've got a cuff from a can tutorial over at Dollar Store Crafts. (There's a template posted at to save measuring the inside and outside of the cuff.)

It's inspired by this image Arden posted awhile back on Topcoat.

Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

It's Michael Kors Ayers cuff and it's yours for $398.

Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

Or there's mine for 50 cents.

I don't know which is worse - going up against Michael Kors with a tin can or trying to mimic a model who either weighs 98 pounds or is seven feet tall or both.


  1. Erin @ Thanks, I Made ItFebruary 11, 2013 at 8:41 PM

    I really love the black! the paper looks a lot richer than... paper

  2. I love this cuff! and love the comparison "models vs/real people" !!

  3. This cuff is so hot! It looks like the one Wonder Woman was wearing. Ha-ha! It's so edgy and fierce! Michael Kors is really a fashion trendsetter. Yours looked like the same thing! Its almost the same like the one from Michael Kors.

  4. Lia {Smart n Snazzy}February 12, 2013 at 2:35 PM

    Lmao you have me cracking up :) LOVE this, cannot BELIEVE it's from a tin can. It's absolute genius, great job!
    Smart n Snazzy

  5. No doubt, you look as you are, R E A L. Think that the model is that, a model whose only work is to look as she looks in the photograph. I really much prefer real women. By the way I love your blog and like very much your cuff. Congratulations!

  6. I love this can cuff project! Too awesome for words. And the cutting template was very helpful - thanks! So lovely:-)

  7. Great Work! Love it :)

    1. Thank you!