Friday, January 11, 2013

Pinned it/Wore It - Long animal print coat

Earlier this week I gave you my rant over how Pinterest is ruining my life. Thanks to all the great fashion, design and style inspiration out there, I'm paralyzed every time I look in my closet.

Pinners have been running Pinterest through the mill with Pinterest pass or fail challenges for everything from pancake batter in a bottle to workouts to craft projects.

For the new year, I've decided to try actually pulling off some of the outfits I've been pinning and pass or fail them as well.

The real-world outfit has to be:
  • affordable
  • preferably mostly thrifted and
  • suitable for a 30-40ish woman who weighs more than Karlie Kloss and her luggage
Does the world need one more outfit-posting blogger? Probably not. But maybe I need to be one to get my act together.

Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

Today's Pinterest challenge is the wildly animal printed overcoat.
Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

The Emerson Fry leopard linen coat is the uber-coat of the long dress animal print coat world and costs $425.
Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

And below is my version of the trend.

The coat was purchased brand-new by my mom at Goodwill for $5.

I used to be too shy to wear this sort of thing. Thank you Emerson Fry for helping this coat come out of the closet.


This is a Pinterest pass. A long overcoat is flattering. The print is fun. It mixes well with a solid colored scarf. (The entire outfit is thrifted, actually - shirt, pants and purse.)
The only limitation is that you have to keep your other accessories simple - no leopard shoes, purse or skirt with this or you'll look crazy.
Here are some coats mostly under $100 with a very similar leopard, almost Dalmation, print. 
  • A.N.A. Vintage Faux Leopard Swing Coat, currently on sale at for $56. 
  • Urban Outfitters has a very similar one on sale for $79 and a cheetah coat for $89.
  • ASOS has the same print coat on sale for $93.35.
  • For a little more money, there's a leopard swing coat for $249 from Free People.
For a black and white animal print like mine such as snow leopard or ocelot consider the following:
  •  Dr. Jays has a coat very similar to mine but belted for $35.99.
  • Urban Outfitters has a cheetah coat for $89.
 Do you wear crazy print coats?


  1. I'm sorry but your coat has nothing to do with the first coat (I love that one).Leopard pattern is vulgar in general.

  2. Hi there, loved this post as I have recently become a Pinterest addict and found the same thing - can't decide what to wear, ideally would like to spend a couple of hours each morning looking at my Pinterest and then working out what to wear. You look really good in your leopard coat combo, and it looks very expensive, so I was impressed it came from goodwill. I have a leopard coat I got on sale from Asos but it has only had a couple of outings, I need to be braver. Best Wishes Blighty P.S Found you via Faux Fuchsia, you are on her blogroll.

  3. Your mom got this at Goodwill for $5?? Way to go mom!! You look like a million bucks!!

  4. Wow, your coat is gorgeous. Unlike Anonymous, I think leopard print is just fine, when restricted to one item at a time. You look fabulous - nicely done!