Friday, November 2, 2012

My DIY closet makeover

Here is my very own cleaned-up closet.

I used to be rigorous about getting rid of things that aren't being worn. But I'm older now, and I've mellowed. And if I want to keep some useless hot pink suit that I can barely squeeze into, gosh darn I will.

Thus, the upper left quadrant of my closet has been declared Purgatory. This is where I put things I'm not really wearing and are getting in the way but that I'm also not willing to part with. There they sit, taking up some space but doing no real harm until I finally pass judgment.

The key is to get this iffy stuff out of the main traffic areas of your closet so when you peer in at six in the morning, you can quickly size up what's there and make some choices.

My current advice is to pare down but don't anguish about throwing it away.

In other news, I ROYGBIV'd my active clothes, capping each end with white and black. I do enjoy my rainbow, which is really thick in the B section.

Then I restyled my jewelry, first with some thrifted bowls.

Then I tried the candlesticks as bracelet storage, an idea I picked up from Hilary Inspired. But I didn't have a good surface where they wouldn't get knocked over.

 So I tried a big bowl o' bangles instead.

They hang out with my authentic vintage magazine clutch discovered during a recent purge at my parent's house.

I reworked my display board of vintage pins and added some new ones I've picked up.

And I reorganized and added to my trays. This one was an old picture frame.

The new additions were boxes of baklava from Lebanon. Now they hold my arm party kits, one gold and one silver.

Here's the reorganized pin board.

I think I like displaying jewelry even more than I like wearing it.

What works for you in your closet?


  1. Man I really need to do my closet. When we moved in I put down a rug and mounted a shoe rack to the wall but that's it. It is incredibly inefficient. Is it sad that I get all excited seeing an organized closet like yours?

    1. Not at all. It took three days of inspiration closets to get me going.

      Do you have power out there in LI? About 80 percent of my friends don't.

    2. We do, we were very lucky and never really lost it. My parents just got theirs back last night and my brother and sister in law are still in the dark. Quite a few of my friends are.

    3. Glad to hear it's coming back. It's been so so cold. At least the food in the freezer won't go bad. But it's not so fun to be without power when your house feels like a freezer.

  • Yay! I love a good closet makeover! Your closet turned out great! You must have fun picking out outfits in the morning - you have a great collection. I love the pins. All mine are hidden in a drawer, but I'm looking forward to the day when I can display them out somewhere. Also, I need a bangle jar, like yesterday.

    1. It is fun to have things on display. It's like wearing them every day without actually wearing them.

  • Oh, your pins are wonderful! They do look stunning, all displayed together.
    I have a 'purgatory' area too, though I also use it for not-quite-in-season things which are resting. A few things in there could certainly go, but until space becomes a constraint, I'll probably let them hide out there and party on their own...

    1. That's the spirit.