Thursday, October 11, 2012

My DIY dish towel art

If you're looking for some bold graphical easy-to-do cheap art, take a look at kitchen linens.

I made this artwork with a $6 dishtowel from West Elm and a thrifted poster frame.

You'll also need a big piece of white paper or poster board cut to fit your frame and doublesided tape to hold the tea towel in place. Iron it. Center it and tape it down. Then get your spouse to help you reassemble the frame because you are a klutz.

While World Market and Anthropologie sometimes have cool napkins and dishtowels that are frameworthy, my favorite is still West Elm. Consider the Brushstrokes Tea Towel below, now on sale for $6.

Or I'm also really liking the Stamped Oval Tea Towel, which is currently $9. You could do a whole room around this.

So, you may say that's nice, Bromeliad. But why don't you hang your cheapo art on the wall?

Because it's being used to cover this low-rent mess.Does anyone know why cables are always black when nobody has black walls or outlets?

Those fish hide a world of ugliness.


  1. ¡Qué gran idea!
    Me gusta mucho el resultado.

    The outfits of my dreams

  2. Robin @ Happily Home, AfterOctober 12, 2012 at 8:41 AM

    Looks great, and if I dare say, great minds think alike ... I purchased the frames yesterday @ Michaels (buy one, get one for 1 cent sale) and hope to be able to score some Very Vera tea towels today, the finished art, hehe, will hang in my kitchen as part of its "mini facelift" There's a lot of nice graphic images being reproduced on towels these days :) Have a great weekend.

    1. Cool! Is that Vera Wang? Vera Bradley? Some other Vera?

  • Love this. No, that's wrong. I LOVE THIS!!!
    Even better, a new West Elm is opening (next week I think) near me so I will keep this project top of mind when I go to explore.
    And you have my full sympathies on cable mess - your solution looks great.

    1. We have a West Elm down the street. They have good local sale stuff and floor model rejects. Enjoy!

  • What a great idea!!! I hear you on the cables - it's so frustrating. I have to use extension cords for everything, and all the "safe" grounded versions only come in black. Ugly city. And don't get me started on TVs... everything else comes in colors, but not televisions??! Rant over. This is such a clever way to deal with a problem!

  • I'm beginning to sound like a broken record here, but your projects are so freaking clever. Not just pretty, but smart because they cover up ugly cords!