Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The High Line

Part two of our New York City staycation. We finally made our way to the High Line, which has been on my bucket list for a couple of years.

The High Line is a linear park built on an old railroad spur. It zigzags between and right through some buildings.

It needs to be bigger. There is a constant stream of people going both directions, so a quiet afternoon on a bench is pretty much impossible with the whole world marching past . . .

.  .. or a quiet afternoon at home when your window is at eye level to hundreds of tourists. Some resident propped up a cardboard cutout of himself in his skivvies to permanently entertain passing gawkers.

There's a water feature and places to sit and buy snacks.

We enjoyed seeing nature juxtaposed with urban grit.


Have you been to the High Line yet?


  1. Love the High Line! I've only been once, I want to go back. I heard they were going to extend it further, I wonder when that's going to happen

    1. That would be nice. Spread out the crowd a bit.

  • I've always wanted to do this! It seems we always end up visiting NYC in February which isn't an ideal time for this, I'd think. Though several years back, when Christo's 'gates' were in Central Park, we went there in February. It was awesome but finally we tucked into the Museum of Natural History to defrost. It was SO cold.

    1. Winter would not be as pretty. But it also would not be as crowded. :)