Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fiber One DIY accessory contest

Fiber One, the brownie and bar people, are sponsoring a DIY accessory contest. The winner and a friend get a trip to New York Fashion Week February 2013. Nine finalists will get a $500 gift card for the handbag of their choice.

Enter by September 30 at Fiber One. The idea is to create a "snackcessory" - a small pouch or case for carrying snacks like Fiber One bars. The hard or soft case can't be bigger than 8"x4"x2".

To kick things off, Fiber One sent me a snackcessory starter kit to help get you guys inspired.

In it is an eyeglass case, spray adhesive, glitter and a ziplock bag. Stylist Bobbie Thomas suggests the shake and make method for creating an embellished case. Coat your case with glue, put glitter in the bag with the case, seal and shake.

Here's some snackcessory inspiration. Eyeglass case equals minaudiere to me. (For you Pennsylvania Dutch, a minaudiere is a tiny box clutch brought to you most recently by Alexander McQueen. )

Here's an inspirational encrusted bag one by those crazy Italians at Dolce and Gabbana.  Below is Alexander McQueen, king of the minaudiere.
A cute one by Fiona Kotur.

Plastic. Yes.

A whole assortment of Bottega Veneta via Momma Knows.

Now for some DIY assistance. Honestly was probably one of the first fashion blogs to turn an eyeglass case into a minaudiere.

My genuis friend Maya at Soccer Mom Style created the McQueen knuckle duster mini awhile back as did Kristin from Studs & Pearls using ring blanks and, in Maya's case, a Walmart bracelet.

Gwen from She Started Knitting patiently glued a million rhinestones to create a minaudiere. (Tip: the "clasp" is a plastic lid painted with gold nail polish.)

Lauren from The Fashion Kitchen, made hers with a knob and chain.

I hope to show you my Fiber One design in a few days.  In the meantime, anybody think they might enter?



  1. Well, I'm delighted with today's elegant new word, miniaudiere. I shall be able to bandy it about with confidence during my winning trip to New York Fashion Week. "Who's that elegant, knowledgeable newcomer with the unsuitable shoes," people will whisper as I pass.

    1. Just be sure to pronounce it with proper French elan.