Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY rings and hot pink jeans

Here are two DIYs that make great reuse of items that might otherwise be tossed.

Jennifer Brasher at Two Butterflies came up with a bright idea for giving new life to odd vintage clip-on earrings. She turned them into rings.

And check out the Smartest and His Artist for instructions on how to bleach and then dye an old pair of jeans. Jump into colorblocking for less. (Also worth a visit just for the extremely funny profile photo.)


  1. You just made my day- thanks for the mention! And can I just tell you that I am SO glad that someone else sees the humor in my non-photogenic-ness? I personally find my intense awkwardness endearing... or at least entertaining.

  2. It's the way your eyes are rolling and he's all straight.

  3. THE ALTERNATIVE WIFEFebruary 24, 2012 at 4:12 PM

    What a great idea for the earrings!

  4. I love making rings like this! I've had some in my shop in the past and they are always big sellers. I love the earrings that Jennifer chose!

  5. I've been dying to get a pair of jcrews highlighter pink jeans, I just know I won't wear them enough to justify buying them. I would however be able to justify bleaching some old ones