Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Little bedroom DIYs

Here are the lame DIYs I did for my bedroom. First is the curtain, which is a piece of really gorg cobalt blue dupioni silk I thifted.

I didn't hem it or anything. I folded over the excess fabric at the top and clipped on these curtain rings I also thrifted. YOu can get similar rings at IKEA for three bucks.

Then I hung it up. Didn't even hem the bottom. I just let it "puddle" artfully.

The pillow was made from this non-cute thrifted leopard coat that I felt terribly guilty over cutting up, but it was not a good-looking coat and nobody else seemed to want it.

I simplified my zipper making. Just take the zipper and put it right sides together with your fabric and pin. Sew it and then do the same with the back half of your pillow (right sides together, pin and sew.) The zipper came out fine.

The pillow came out pretty bad. I have a hard time cutting straight lines.

Then the framed Pucci-ish art is a thrifted JCPenney scarf in a thrift store frame. It's the same frame and idea for the tribal art DIY here.

That's it.


  1. Haley @ Cardigan JunkieJanuary 11, 2012 at 9:17 PM

    Cobalt silk can never be lame. Ever!

  2. You are the queen of reimagined thrifty finds. Crazy jealous of your yummy silk drapes.

  3. Love the drapes. That shade of blue is gorgeous.


  4. First comment from me. tip for zippers. make your seam pin the zipper in place,sew the zipper in, then remove your stiches. works for me every time.Enjoy your blog.