Friday, December 16, 2011

Sponsored post: My J. Crew-inspired DIY glitter clutch and giveaway

Here's my second DIY glitter project using Tulip's new Fashion Glitter Shimmer Fabric Paint.

Tulip's glitter paint is perfect for the rash of DIY shoe glittering that has swept blog land. Forget the glitter bond and the Mod Podge and the little pot of loose glitter that ends up on the husband and on the dog and all over the house. The glitter is now in the adhesive.

Note that this is glitter in a clear medium. Your surface color will show through, so to avoid many coats of glitter, choose a surface that matches your glitter.

Using two pots of glitter paint, I refurbished two thrift store clutches with ease.

They were inspired by J. Crew's Glitter Purse and Glitter Clutch, below, which each sold for $50 and are now sold out. Which, needless to say, makes a $6 pot of glitter paint sound like a bargain.

Below are both of the clutches before. Both had a few marks on them. But they alse had a nice shape and pretty hardware.

The DIY is a breeze. Just tape off your hardware and paint. The pink satin one took about four coats to completely cover in silver. The marks still showed through slightly on the white one after several coats, so I dabbed on a little white acrylic paint, which then showed through. I kept dabbing on layers of glitter until the white softened up a little.

The patent leather surface did leave slight brush marks, which can be soften by stippling on a few coats of paint.

There was zero flaking off of glitter. The paint can be scratched off the patent leather, so I would not go swinging it into barbed wire fences or anything.

Here's the fun part. I'm giving away both clutches. If you prefer one over the other, say so in your comment. (Disclaimer: A few marks show through just slightly on the white one. On ther other hand, it has the vintage hardware.)

Just be a follower and leave a comment below.

Tulip provided me the paints and compensated me for trying the products. All opinions and the clutches are my own.


  1. Wow that's cute!

  2. Oooh, lovely! I would definitely love either, though lean toward the white for the vintage hardware :) Great DIY

  3. 00turkishdelight00December 17, 2011 at 8:20 PM

    Omg, I can't believe you are giving these away. They are both beautiful. I would really love to win one. The box one (w/ the closure on top) in particular. I'm wearing a blue dress for NYE and something like this would go great with it!

  4. Both clutches are really beautiful, but I would love to win the second one. You've done such wonderful things with your creativity. Great job and keep going. I can't wait to see your next DIY.

  5. I wouldn't mind getting either one of them :x They are amazing! Jeep up the wonderful job you've been doing :x

  6. I love both of them! thanks for sharing!

  7. What a great idea. I might have a go at making some with my little girl. (4yrs old) It might be a laugh.