Friday, October 14, 2011

Still inspired

One of the fun things about tidying up is finding old magazines in your stash, opening the pages and discovering that your taste has not changed a bit in six years.

This is the East Hampton's home of Donna Karan, designed by Bonetti Kozerski, who also did a bunch of the furniture.

Karan's "spa house" was featured in the February 2005 issue of (the now defunct) House & Garden.

I would still take this place in a hot sauna second.

Lest you think it's not possible to duplicate such a look in your own spa-home-to-be, note the white back cushions paired with the black and white striped seat cushions in the next photo.

I apologize in advance for showing you yet another photo of my sofa, but check out the striped seat with the white cushions.

OK, that was a stretch.

Not so much of a stretch is the artwork in the dining room, featured only in House & Garden (I could not find an image online.) It's by Karan's late husband Stephan Weiss.

It looked so familiar because I had knocked it off years ago.

A mini version is part of my permanent floor gallery.

This home also explains my six-year yearning for some tree stumps for DIY side tables.

I'm going upstate in two weeks. They have trees up there.

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