Monday, October 10, 2011

How to wear a pleated skirt

The last time I wore pleats, they only came in plaid and were paired with knee socks and deck shoes.

Now I have no less than four pleated skirts, a big adjustment for an over 40 pencil skirt girl.

After a considerable amount of trial marked heavily by error, this seems to be the way to go - at the knee, shirt tucked, skinny belt/waist of some sort and a sharp eye for subway vents with big gusts of air.

For the more daring/young/skinny, there is the longer pleated skirt (but still moderated with the tucked top and skinny belt.)

The long bulky top over long pleated skirt can be pulled off by only one woman in the world, and she's in this picture. So don't bother trying it.

Are you wearing pleats? What's working for you?

Images: Via Love Maegan; Elle via Say Yes to Hoboken;; We Heart It; What I Wore; Asos; Style It Lovely; Like Whatever Online; They All Hate Us.


  1. Pleats have never worked for me, even on cushions, but I love your "trial marked heavily by error". It's one of those snippets that carry me through my day.

  2. These are SO cute. I love pleats. Used to wear them all the time as a kid. I specially like the long black one and the light green.

  3. I absolutely love pleated skirts. I actually just did an outfit post with a green one I bought. Lovely first photo too!

  4. I want to BE the girl in the pink skirt. I am now obsessed.

  5. loooove. can't decide between 4 and 5!

    planet blue

  6. the first pic almost takes me back to school -in a nice retro way.

  7. The first Pic almost takes me bakc to school - in a nice retro way.