Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lights but no action

Those of you who have followed this blog awhile know that I am both extraordinarly cheap and excruciatingly picky. That means a simple decision like picking out a couple of lamps can take years.

So, what a surprise to announce that I marched out to IKEA last weekend and bought two lamps.

The Alang, which I thought I would like, ended up being way too tiny in person.

So, overheated and jostled by other shoppers, I went for a Jara shade with a Rodd base for a total cost of abour $45 per light.

Of course, nothing can be that simple.

The new Jara shades are great (they also come in black). But I think the base is too tall.

I think I need an adjustable base.

IKEA only has one, and it's on the Alang floor lamp ($40). I could buy it and swap with a Jara shade. Cost: $60 per lamp.

Or there is this adjustable lamp from Walmart that I've been eyeing for awhile. I could go out on a limb with newly-cool-again brass. On the down side, the shade is described as "cream." Cost: $52 plus $5 shipping or $72 with a different shade (wouldn't a black Jara be cool?)

Or I could play it safe with nickel with this adjustable lamp from Walmart. The shade looks fine. The downside here is that it's a floor lamp/table lamp set, so I'm shelling out $20 for a table lamp I don't want. Cost: $70 plus $5 shipping.



  1. love the fact that you gave us all options. I really like the nickel with this adjustable lamp from Walmart. I think you could probably sell the lamps on craiglist...so you would be in or around the same amount as the first! Good thing about walmart, is you get FREE shipping to store, so instead of shipping to your home, why don't you take a trip to your local one...and save the 5/10$??


  2. I think those bases you have will do just fine. I like their height, and so long as the bulb doesn't glare into the eyes of the person on the sofa (I don't think it will), you're home and dry.

  3. Canny, I live in NYC so a trip to Walmart is like hiking Everest. However, I'm going upstate in a few weeks and might have one shipped to a store up there.

    Mise, Mr. Bromeliad is in total agreement with you.

  4. Simple decision like picking out a couple of lamps can take years.

  5. I think those bases you have will do just fine.

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