Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Done and done

I've been working on two large DIY projects this summer, which explains the complete lack of tutorials since framing a scarf in a picture frame back in July (lame).

Although a shy midwesterner, I have included myself in this photo of my completed slipcover for two reasons:
1. Scale
2. My second huge DIY project was myself.

Until you see someone sit on this couch, it's hard to imagine just how big it is.

The great white whale is eight feet long and three feet deep. It took 20 plus yards of fabric to cover the thing, and four (four!) cans of Scotchgard to protect it.

See, huge, right?

The other reason I look so small on the sofa is that I lost 10 pounds via rigorous calorie counting and doubling my exercise.

I used My Plate at to document everything that went in my mouth and every calorie burned for the past three months. Tedious but effective.

I still need to trim the seams and lose three pounds. But it's nice to say that both projects are basically done.

p.s. A note on the outfit - all thrifted except the skirt, which was clearance from Talbots. I had the grey blouse for ages not knowing what it really needed was a pink leopard sweater (thank you Mom and Goodwill Industries).


  1. Everything in this photo, including you, looks fabulous. What a massive undertaking--the slipcover and the exercise regimen.

  2. Elisa @ What the VitaSeptember 21, 2011 at 12:58 PM

    Fab job on both counts! The sofa looks so great, so professionally done. It looks BRAND NEW!

    And you, lady, don't look so bad yourself. (love the sweater) I know how hard losing weight is, so congratulations on the ten pounds!! A great way to save money too because I bet everything in your closet looks much better now!

  3. A double hurrah. The sofa looks magnificent, fresh and orderly and pretty. You look beautiful and happy.

  4. You and sofa look wonderful.

    And I love Livestrong and Lance.

    I just slipcovered one chair in a beige linen (i know so boring) and it took hours and hours. That beast must have taken days!


  5. casey at loft and cottageSeptember 21, 2011 at 5:39 PM

    You've been hard at work! And it shows--you look amazing and your sofa is beautiful!

  6. Wow! That couch cover is impressive. And you are so pretty!

  7. What a great transformation. Lovely,fresh and modern..just like you. Congratulatons!

  8. you are so cute! what a fun post. congrats on both accounts :)

  9. Beautiful! The couch and you both look awesome!
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

  10. Smart people skip the welting on their slipcovers. I didn't. My smart white denim cover shrunk so much in the first wash, I had to cut it to fit it on again.