Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My DIY: Faux brass starbursts

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Here's an easy poor girl's Kelly Wearstler project I did for Dollar Store Crafts.

My bloggie friend Danika at Gorgeous Shiny Things beat me to this particular DIY. I have built on her creative foundation with a large glob of off-brand playdough.

Start with barbeque skewers and a package of mini craft dough tubs from The Dollar Tree.

Open two tubs and squish the combined dough into one ball. Stick it into one tub. If you want a hole in the back to hang your starburst on the wall, do this before you squish in your dough ball.

Stick the skewers in pointed side down, starting from the center of the dough ball and working out. I did about 50 skewers per starburst.

Allow the playdough to harden. It will crack. Don't worry.

Paint with gold spray paint. (I understand how people get addicted to this stuff. The gold paint, that is.)

Let the paint dry and display your starburst somewhere where no on will ever accidentally sit on it.


  1. Ive made a few but now I want to try making them out of real brass, you just have to weld them together. I bit more difficult but wonder if its possible. I still like this option as well. I like the bottoms you used!

  2. You made these, too? How did I miss that?

  3. This is cute! Tucking this idea in the back of my mind for when I want to spiff up a corner in my house!

  4. It looks fabulous, and would also probably dangle very nicely from a ceiling?

  5. always. great. diy post!
    this looks pretty easy but i know i might have no time to do more diy project :(


  6. I love it! So simple it's hard :)

  7. Elisa @ What the VitaJune 20, 2011 at 4:29 PM

    You must have a great mind to be so creative in your DIYs!

  8. ahh! this is so fantastic! i'm decorating our place in nyc on a major budget. DIY's are my bff's right now haha thanks for sharing!

  9. Lekalia InteriorsJuly 22, 2012 at 11:47 AM

    Just found this post! This is such a neat idea! I'm going to my local Dollar Store today!!!!