Friday, May 27, 2011

My DIY: Color block bracelets

As you know, color blocking is the cat's meow in fashion this year. (For those who don't know, color blocking is wearing two or three loud colors together without it looking bad.)

You can make your own color block straw-look bangles using one simple supply - dollar store rope.

These bracelets are 50 cents a piece to make and about a half hour of your life per bracelet.

You'll need some brightly colored poly rope from The Dollar Tree. Cut two nine-foot pieces per bracelet. Burn the ends to prevent fraying.

Cross at the center of both ropes and start tying a series of lanyard knots. (Get a how-to here.)

Keep tying until your chain of knots is long enough to go around your wrist.

Then weave the loose ends into the finished end so it looks like one continuous chain of knots.

Glue where the ropes intersect.

Allow to dry completely before trimming the loose ends. Then put a little glue on the cut ends to prevent fraying.

You can afford to make several.


  1. What a great project!

  2. Elisa @ What the VitaMay 27, 2011 at 6:38 PM

    Awesome. When are you setting up your etsy store? :)

  3. Amazing!!! I love dollar store supply projects, and these are gorgeous!

  4. I love it! Must make them!

  5. wow. that's awesome. i think i might need to make some of those.

  6. so pretty!

  7. I love these! (I also like your definition of color blocking...)

  8. Holy crap that is a cool bracelet for cheap! Maybe I'll try it, you could also spray paint the rope gold.

    I have a gold spray paint problem.

  9. Hi!

    I follow your blog! I really like your posts! Good job!

    Could you please stop by my blog too?


  10. these came out very well! love the fact that are super chunky and bright! i miss the dollar tree store. i don't have one close by :(

  11. THE ALTERNATIVE WIFEMay 31, 2011 at 7:16 PM

    Absolutely love these! They're fabulous. The chunkier and bolder the better :)

  12. I love this DIY! and fab blog.. following you :)

  13. You know I'm a bracelet girl! :) This is fabulous - love all of your fun DIYs. Thanks for stopping by today. xoStephanie

  14. Love these!!