Monday, August 9, 2010


The neighbor's Morning Glory has made its way over to our balcony. It grows an inch an hour. You can watch it grow. It's creepy.

Today it squeezed through the slats of our side table.

We are locking the windows.


  1. That is so pretty. We used to have them growing up the side of our porch when I was little. I miss seeing them around. There aren't any around my condo. -c

  2. An inch an hour for morning glory? I think for a year it will successfully make its way to heaven. As usual, stunning photos.

  3. I had no idea morning glories were such quick growers! (And so insidious!)

  4. our morning glory is the same way. my 3 younger kids brought one each home from a may day party. they are glorious flowers.