Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DIY Wednesday: Make no-sew ruffled flower necklines and jewelry

As promised, here is part 2 of last week's DIY. Here are a few ways to make the most of your no-sew extremely easy flowers.

On the back side of your flower, glue a pin back or velcro. Or both.

For the velcro, cut out a small piece of both the hook and loop side of the velcro. Glue one side to the flower and keep the other side attached to it until needed.

If you are making several flowers for pom-poms (which I'll show you in a sec) alternate which side of the velcro you glue down. In other words half should have loops glued to the flower and half should have hooks glued to the flower. This - ta da - allows you - this is complicated - to velcro two flowers to each other.

First up, pin the flowers along the neckline of a plain cardigan. I used 10 flowers.

Next up, use the velcro option to attach your flower to necklace chains. Here I bunched three up close to the end of a short chain.

Which looked better than I expected.

Recently I came across the work of Kathryn Blackmore via This is Glamorous. She is the the jewelry design behind the Etsy shop The Vamoose.

Her jewelry involves hand-dyed fabric and real gold chains. But I was gratified that on my own I came up with a self-designed necklace that wasn't too far off from what a real artist created. (If you stand really really far back.)

And our last option. Velcro two of the flowers to each other with a necklace chain running between them and you have a 3-D pom-pom necklace. (I think this would look better if the flowers were a little smaller in diameter.)

And last, if you were lazy and made only one flower, you can velcro it to a medium chain and call it a day.

Other options: Pin a few flowers onto a top. Or attach a set of flowers to shoe clips to embellish a pair of shoes.


  1. What a gorgeous and genius idea!
    i love ruffled flower and this totally a very very nice idea for my next crafting project, thank you for sharing!


  2. No need to stand that far back - your necklace looks just as good, and I love the swanky cardigan idea.

  3. Stunning look for a plain cardi - I love it!

  4. Pretty! I really like the collar.

  5. I never would have thought of this! Using the velcro makes this so versatile! Love it! Thanks for sharing.