Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bedroom micro-makeover and the search for articulating arm lamps

In the time that some people have taken to completely remodel a Victorian brownstone, I have moved my two new aluminum tables into the bedroom.

In apartment dweller terms, this is a major innovation. The smaller side table meant we could move the bed nearly one entire foot closer to the far wall, leaving nearly one entire foot more on the other side by the closet, so that I now have room to dance the can-can while picking out my clothes. Also the closet light no longer shines so harshly on Mr. Bromeliad as he oversleeps.

However, there remains the problem of reading light. Our previous lamp is a little too big and weird looking for the tiny table.

Since the tables are so tiny, sconces seem a smart way to go. I'm noticing many articulating arm, swing arm, architectural, task whatever styles of lighting - a bit industrial but not too much so.

In a pinch, maybe a plain old desk style lamp would work, like the pharmacy lamp below.

Or why not a skinny floor lamp?

How do you light the bedside?

Images: Nickey Kehoe via Bryn Alexandra; Jamie Meares; Lonny; Urban Grace; Yimmys Yayo via Aubrey Road; Decorology; Lonny


  1. I like Mr Bromeliad already. He deserves a lovely lamp, and I'd say something like the 6th image. And your new tables are perfect: circular and small, just as they should be. I'd park my own alarm-clock on them anyday.

  2. I use two little white articulated desk lamps from Ikea. I'd say that they ave several that would work for your room, and for so cheap!

  3. Down and Out ChicFebruary 17, 2010 at 4:29 PM

    i light my bedside table poorly. i have lamps i don't really like and your post is inspiring me to freaking change them already! i really like the idea of the swing arm lamp. great for reading in bed.

  4. Elisa @ whatthevitaFebruary 17, 2010 at 6:07 PM

    Laughed out loud at your joke at the top of the post :) It feels like that sometimes around here, too..

    We have lamps but I really like the idea of scones or hanging lights - saves room and they can be so pretty. Any of the options in your photos would work great, but I'm especially intrigued by the first photo - seeing how it works so well with the rug might show how it would work with your beautiful headboard?

    Great photos..