Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fun cheap trays, cutting boards and lamps

Saturday I picked up the cute Barbar birdie tray ($7) at IKEA for my mother-in-law the bird watcher, whom we will be visiting in a few weeks.

I also bought four packs of Dralla bendable cutting boards at IKEA - $3.00 for a pack of two, a perfect lightweight gift to take on an airplane to A Land with No IKEA since these aren't available online. I subsequently lost one pack somewhere in Target since IKEA charges for bags and I was carrying them under my arm while trying on a pair of grey Mary Janes.

And last, these CB2-style lamp sets are on sale at JCPenney - you get a floor lamp and a desk lamp in a set. The gray and black are $40, while green and pink are $30.


  1. Hi there I guess I could have said this over at FTLB but here I am looking at your lovely blog. Nice guest post for Alek, and nice blog here as well. xoxo (I like you have a before and after category. And I like you I suspect wish there were more than three posts in that category!!)

  2. And I'm over from the Right Bank too, tagging along after Jane, and I like your theme, spirit, and style. Good show.

  3. Alexis L. of One Grand HomeNovember 28, 2009 at 12:13 AM

    I've liked those bankers lamps from JCPenney for a long time. Nice colorful update.