Thursday, October 22, 2009

You shall find my will on an autumn leaf

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Travel, guests, and my dear grandmother passing away at the age of 89. I talk about her here and here. In her will she quoted part of the following poem:

Last Will and Testament
by Marion Doyle

Since I was deaf to "Good Advice" -
"Toil soon and late and save"
And Providence did not knock twice,
I've little left to waive
Neither gold nor land nor roofs
To give you at my going,
But I leave you the echoes of Pegasus' hoofs -
And a debt - or two - I'm owing.

You shall find my will on an autumn leaf
(A poet's will - here's ample warning!)
Properly done, though crisp and brief,
Upon some bright blue morning;
All former testaments
I here and now rescind
And I leave you the hawthorn trees in bloom
And the unrest of the wind.


  1. she sounds like a remarkable woman!! so sorry she is gone. xoxo

  2. Sorry for your loss. What a great poem she left for you.

  3. Your Grandmother sounds like such a lovely woman (with a great sense of humor, no one could quote that poem in her will without one). I'm sorry for your loss.

  4. Thank you. She had a sense of humor, even about her will.