Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A few new things from West Elm

Since I live just up the street from the DUMBO West Elm, it's my personal duty to keep you posted on everything that goes on there.

The new butterfly pillow viewed from the window sucked me in this time. It reminded me of these beauts from the March issue of Elle Decor. The West Elm cover is $28. The prettier Design Legacy pillows are, oh, $200.

Lookie! A round silver tray! Perfect for my pouf since the free aluminum tray is starting to sport water rings. At $35 for the large one, it needs to go on sale just a little bit. Still, it's far cheaper than any other round silver tray I've come across.

Last is the Geo side table, which looks better in real life than in the photo and reveals my abiding fondness for all things reflective. It's $200, which is pricy to me for a side table, but a pair of them would make a nice lightweight, moveable set of coffee tables for a small space lived in by someone with a good job. And no dog, babies or gusts of wind.


  1. Love that idea of that side table and the idea of 2 of them for a moveable, small space living room (which I have). The only thing that keeps me from committing is it's lightweight airiness. The pillow rocks!

  2. I LOVE the butterfly pillow!!!
    Butterflies are my thing :)

    xo Laura

  3. Kasey at Thrifty Little BlogOctober 7, 2009 at 10:57 AM

    I love that side table!
    Our first West Elm just opened and I drug my bf to it this past weekend. I'm excited to have the chance to snag deals there now :).

  4. Goodness I love West Elm...but I tend to agree with you re price (particularly since their quality is just a small step up from IKEA).

  5. Those silver round trays are calling my name too.


  6. You live near the DUMBO West Elm?!


    File under: Poor People Have Embittered Ways

    I do like those silver trays, though, and will be circling the 'sale' section like a vulture.

  7. Ha ha. Yes, and it's right next to a Starbucks where I can cash in my eight free coffee coupons.

  8. Have you considered using a round mirror as the tray for your pouf? I see them in thrift shops for just a few bucks all the time.

  9. Good idea. I'll keep my eyes open.

  10. Hey there! The Design Legacy pillows may be prettier (thank you, since Kelly 'I Steal, So What?' O'Neal (O'Steal) stole them from me, but the West Elm designs are original and NOT stolen from hard-working artists here in Dallas.