Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fresh figs

Growing up in Ohio, I associated figs with Fig Newtons. Never had a fresh one until I was almost 30. Sometimes I wonder how many other times I'm being ripped off in life and just don't know any better.

These figs came from Italian friends on Long Island, wrapped in their own leaves. We ate them without washing or debugging. Sweet as strawberries. Pure heaven.

I highly recommend friendship with Italians.


  1. i've never had a fresh fig...:(

  2. Oh honey, you haven't lived.

  3. I'm from Ohio too (Cincinnati) and never had a fresh fig. I'm 28. I guess I should manage this before I'm 30. This gives me some time.

  4. LOL, I just read this. The key here is "italian friends". I have yet to try good figs grown here in the US :(
    Growing up in Georgia (the coutry in Eastern Europe) I ate figs every summer and they used to be my favorite fruit. My grandparents had several varieties. My favorite was giant green figs that melt in your mouth. Oh, and I can't even eat fig newtons. it's just not doing it for me.