Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crepe myrtle confetti

Addendum: Same spot the next day. In the rain. No umbrella. Shooting straight down at the ground. Weird girl.

We have three extravagent crepe myrtle trees outside of our apartment building. (Thank you interwebs for the tree identification.) I've tried for weeks to get a decent photo, but they move, close their eyes at the wrong time, etc. etc.

Lately I've developed a fascination with the blossoms that are now littering the ground. At least once a day I take a picture of the same spots. Maybe I'm sublimating my dream of some sort of kilim shot through with this exact shade of hot pink for the Bromeliad mansion.


  1. Sophie @ Century FindsSeptember 11, 2009 at 9:49 AM

    I love crepe myrtles. We have them all through our yard, they are almost a weed ;-)
    In summer they provide much needed, easy-care color, and in the fall, it's like we just hosted a wedding...

  2. They are a rarity here. People stop all the time and stare at these trees.

  3. Standing in the middle as the petal float down would make an amazing photo portrait. I wish I had some of that kind of special effects here :)

    PS: My couch is in your header :)

  4. Hey, cool. I think it's a Room & Board sofa I've been aspiring to.