Friday, September 18, 2009


We took a quick trip upstate for our 15th anniversary. Stayed at a friend's 'guest house' that turned out to be a wonky trailer. But it was 1) Free and 2) Spotlessly clean. My fav feature was the Brady Bunch oven, pictured below.

Five years is about how long you need to live in the city in order for the country to freak you out. I lived in the suburbs/sticks the majority of my life, but 15 years in Brooklyn makes me:
  • afraid of the dark
  • weirded out by silence
  • avoidant of dirt
  • worried about murderers (who will hear me scream?)
  • frightened by bugs and
  • disturbed that every person in sight qualifies for What Not to Wear. (How long until I look that bad?)
By day two, Mr. Bromeliad had dispensed with shirt, shoes and shaving, and I had handled snakes. We ate frozen pizza and sat on lawn chairs. (Answer to point 6: about 24 hours.)

See the clock on the oven? That's not digital. That's those numbers that flip like a Rolodex.


  1. I love the cattails...such beautiful photos...and what a great experience!

  2. looks like fun! that caterpillar or whatever it is is amazing! and the turtle too!

  3. Happy 15 years! Your photos are beautiful and everything you say is so true. We just went to Newburgh, NY for a day and looked at some amazing homes, wondering how long our urbanity will be sucked from our souls after moving to a town of 30-odd thousand. Answer: Not long. A few months of sitting on the porch of our less-than-$200K house looking at the Hudson River and I'm pretty sure we won't worry about the newest Manhatan restaurant openings.

  4. It's funny that when city people go to the country they worry about murderers. That's the same thing country people worry about when they go to the city.

    It looks like you had a lovely time. I really like the pond picture.

  5. A piece of Newburgh trivia - the Wal-Mart there still sells fabric. One of the few,