Friday, August 14, 2009

The ubiquitous multipurpose IKEA Lack side table - now only $8

If you have't already met, let me introduce you to one of the best furniture bargains in the world - IKEA's Lack side table, which just dropped from $15 to the positively recessionary price of $7.99.

The IKEA table is so famously cheap that it has served as the raw material for countless unintended furniture applications - like the Moddi murphy bed, made from 12 Lack side tables.

The Lack has been mirrored, veneered and even covered with mosaic tile.

Crafty Nest

IKEA hacker

But don't let the humble price tag be a deterrent to letting a Lack into your life. Plenty of real deal designers use the Lack (or very Lack-like) tables.

Not a Lack but sure looks like one

I Suwannee
May not be a Lack but a Lack would work

Note that Lacks tend to come in pairs and usually mate for life.

Apartment Therapy

Design Sponge

Personally, I have had three Lack tables in my life - two of the Lack triangle side tables (no longer available) and one square one.

How about you? Who out there has a little Lack?


  1. down and out chicAugust 17, 2009 at 10:10 AM

    they serve as our bedside tables (i want to replace them though) but they work. i need some new ones and at this price i should definitely go ahead and get them!

  2. FROM THE RIGHT BANKAugust 17, 2009 at 1:01 PM

    $8? Seriously? I've always liked these little guys. They're so versatile.

  3. Sophie @ Century FindsAugust 19, 2009 at 12:12 AM

    I've always had a Lack somewhere. They don't like children jumping on them but for the price they are good little tables.
    Your post is well timed. I was going to buy a relatively expensive new table for our TV area (husband insisted the remotes have somewhere to live other than the floor) but I decided to buy two Lacks instead. Of course, once I have filled up on meatballs and misc plastic impulse purchases, they will cost a little bit more ;-) But still a good deal!

  4. I have two. But not paired stylishly together, I must admit. One serves as our makeshift temporary (as in, seven years!) media stand. Ccovered in two IKEA linen table runners, it hides all the cable boxes and DVDs. The other is an end table by the sofa. Great thing is, they don't require coasters. I'm definitely a fan.

  5. i love them. you can also turn then into many things, my idea was that you could buy two lack side tables and take the legs from one and screw them onto the bottom ot the other tables legs ... and you now have a bar table. it could be used with one of the bar stools and could be used next to eachothe to form a full bar or something. a little creativity can turn a cheap effective item into anything your mind can think up :) i am only thirteen and want to be an interior designer as my future job, the idea may not work because i havnt tried it as i am only 13 like i said but it may work :)

  6. Hey 13, give it a try. Or maybe I will. (I need a bar table anyway.)