Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Cure foyer style file

So much has happened since Apartment Therapy's Spring Cure started seven weeks ago - a trip to Maui, swine flu, Queen's Day in Amsterdam. So I haven't exactly been keeping up.

My goals were to do a deep treatment of my closet and kitchen, and do a one-room makeover of our foyer. I got my closet and half the kitchen done, which, following the law of entropy, has since reverted to chaos. When one is discouraged by one's own clutter, there's no better solution than to go day dreaming on the Internet. So here is my style file for the foyer makeover.

The image up top is my inspiration photo. Alert readers may observe that this is not actually a foyer. What I like here are the photo gallery and the bookshelves.

Below is my actual foyer. I give it high marks for tidiness. However, it is also dark, stark and boring. I feel like Igor shuffling to the entrance to greet visitors.

I want to create a photo gallery in the foyer, improve the lighting and add a soft, welcoming rug - all for almost no money. Future improvements would include adding bookshelves.

Here is another photo gallery inspiration. This is from a Banana Republic store display. I like the mixture of frames used.

These bookshelves ($330) are from The Door Store. They come in two sections, which allows you to change the length of the shelves, which is handy for folks like us who seem to move every other year.

This Ikea Barometer track lighting is only $50.

Here's a selection of rugs from about $20 to $50 from Urban Outfitters, JCPenney, World Market and IKEA.


  1. You should use some of the gorgeous photos you've taken! Maybe use a color as a theme or edit them to make them black and white. is a site that has awesome, super easy to use, FREE photo editing software. You should definitely check it out... you could even make your regular photos look more abstract, soften the focus, all kinds of weird things!

  2. Actually, I finally am. My gallery will be black and white photos taken by me and Tom as well as old family photos. It's taking forever to get them put together and hung up but I should have an "after" posted next week.

    Thanks for the tip on!

  3. Can't wait to see the after. I think the pics alone will make a huge difference in the way you feel when you open the door. Igor!?