Friday, March 6, 2009

Kauai wrap up

Not our rental car
Days: 6
Airfare: $250 from Newark to Oahu on Continental (not our cheapest, which was $128 from Atlanta to Oahu on United. So cheap, in fact, we flew both sets of parents. And we got everybody to Atlanta for free on the terrifically fun Wendy's-AirTran deal.)
Rental car: $124
Hotel: $0. (Stayed with friends in Princeville.)
Pounds gained: 2
Best view: Far north end of Waimea Canyon
Most stunning beach: Secret Beach
Most quintessentially Hawaiian beach: Hanalei Bay
Best swimming beach in February: Poipu
Glad I brought: a windbreaker
Wish I brought: a wetsuit
Didn't need: So many shirts. Dressy sandals. Dressy anything.

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