Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I dream of Barbie

Photos: AP, Business Wire, Tom Andres for LAist

Alert reader Joe O. reminded me about the grand opening of Barbie's real-life dream house in Malibu yesterday. The interior was designed by Jonathan Adler, whose trippy bright style is perfect for Miss Malibu.

Loved Barbie. Still do. And I'm a brunette feminist. Inexplicable. And, despite my fondness for natural and organic moderny stuff, there's a part of me that completely goes for a three-foot tall pink poodle on a lucite box.
Proportion and scale, Heidi, proportion and scale

Heidi Klum and other celebs showed up for Barbie's 50th Anniversary bash.

I bet Jonathan played with Barbie as a kid.

Cool wall mirror made up of 1950s repro Barbies. If you're so inclined, you can make your own over-the-top Barbie decor here and here.

And the shoes. Ah, yes, the shoes.

As for some of the house, especially the bedroom, I picture a leathery tan 70 year old with a lap dog named Bootsie living there, not Barbie. But I guess if Barbie were real, she'd be a leathery tan 70 year old (since she looked 20 at birth).

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