Monday, March 16, 2009

CB2 - best outdoor planters and other cool stuff

Excitement! CB2 just put up their Outdoor section, which includes the return of the most-awesome-incredibly-affordable galvanized steel planters.

As one who has spent hours looking for cheap modern planters, I pronounce these an excellent deal. I bought three last year. They are $15, $25 and $40, and the sizes are 8, 12 and 16 inches. They ran out of the large size early on last year. The remaining sizes went on sale mid-summer.

(BTW, I'm so cheap, I ran across the Brooklyn Bridge at lunchtime and carried the first planter back to save $7 shipping and/or $4 in subway fare.)

Also love their new tin bugs pictured at top. Totally useless but so cute. You can support the good people of Burkina Faso at $8 a pop, or you could make your own. (I've done indoor versions out of old glossy magazines.)

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