Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A thousand splendid fabrics part 3

In which our heroine finds her one true fabric for less than $20 a yard.

For the amount of time I've spent looking for pillow fabric, I should have invented a solar-powered cure for cancer. Since I started, the country got a new president, the days got short and long again, and gas dropped back down to two bucks.

Anyway, thanks to the design blog Elements of Style, I got a lead on Imperial Trellis fabric at for about $20 a yard. I upholstered my own bar stools. A friend helped me with the pillows since the zipper foot frightens me. Fabric and supplies totalled $80. End of story.

Except now I'm feeling like I need a floral print . . .


  1. Well done!!

  2. Oh Nice. Looks good on the chair.