Saturday, January 31, 2009

Love in the time of coffee tables

Here is our "new" glass-topped wrought iron coffee table that I bought last weekend from the Housing Works thrift store on Montague Street. It is also solid 40-pound evidence that my husband loves me.

I found the table in a corner of the store marked down to $30. It was so wobbly that if you touched it, it did a kind of hula dance, and it was covered in dust. We each took an end and carried it down two blocks of Montague Street. Then we changed strategy. Tom, who was perfectly happy with our leather ottoman as a coffee table, took the frame and put it over his shoulder while I carried the glass top down three blocks of Columbia Heights. I expected to trip on a historic slate sidewalk slab and drive a shard of glass through my heart. But we all made it. Also, did I mention it was really cold?

Thankfully, I have a husband who knows how to use an allen wrench. In 20 minutes, he had the coffee table fixed. Although it's bigger than our leather ottoman, it doesn't seem as "heavy" because of the glass top and airy legs.

Rule #17 of small space living: If you bring a piece of furniture into your home, you will have to move every other stick of furniture to make room for it. Rule #18, subsection c states that for each item brought into your apartment, an item of equal or larger size will need to exit.

The ottoman went into the foyer.

The bookcase that was in the foyer went into the bedroom.

The porch, a favored storage spot in some communities for non-functioning washing machines and broken-down sofas, became the repository for our displaced chairs. In this case, they were deck chairs anyway, so we weren't totally trashy about it.


  1. I completely understand. Not very long ago, my husband and I lived in a teeny tiny apartment. The one time we attempted to rearrange the living room felt more like a game of Tetris... but heavier and without the sense of whimsy. We had to stand the couches on end to move them... and one was a sleeper sofa. We still don't talk about "that night." Your room looks much nicer for your efforts than ours did. Good job!

  2. The new table is lovely! I think it is much better suited for your living room than the ottoman was. The transparency allows it to take little visual space while the iron frame grounds it with the rest of the furnishings in the room. Fluffy rug underneath furthers the lightness. Ottoman looks perfect in the foyer. Well done!

  3. Tom and SamanthaFebruary 2, 2009 at 8:44 PM

    Thanks for the positive reinforcement.

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