Monday, December 8, 2008

Why does time go faster as you get older?

I've never seen a year go so fast.
At 46 I am sure that 56 will be here in less than 10 years. How so? Simply because I go to bed earlier and take more naps. This takes at least 2 conscious hours away each day.
You do the math with me; 2 x 365 days = 730 hours divided by 24 hours = a whooping 30 lost days per year. 10 years x 30 less days makes my next 10 years only about 9 years in length.
At this rate what happens when I am 75?
The solution: add 3 hours to my conscious time per day by going to bed at midnight and no more naps. That will push 56 11 years away instead of 10.
Here is why that is important:


  1. This is truly awful.

  2. This is so cool! -Rembrandt