Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My newest cousin

Last night we had dinner with Jessica and Nikki at Harry's Steak House near Wall Street. Thanks to the magic of stop-action photography, we did catch little Brock with his eyes open.

Isn't he bootiful? Here he is again, offering his opinion of the radicchio salad (thats ra-deek-ee-oh, for all you Pennsylvania Dutch out there).
Tom with Brock after he "broke."

Nikki with her "au pair" Jessica. What a pair of stunning blonds. And their hair still looks good, despite walking several blocks in the humidity.

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  1. We ate at Harry's Steak House in Cancun (yes, we're world travelers also...just not as widely so).

    The piece de resistance was a huge cone of cotton candy at the end of the meal. Does Harry's in NY do that?

    We're coming to NY in May...see you then if not sooner.