Friday, December 19, 2008

Fly the OpenSkies

Here was the raison d'etre for our trip to Holland - two free Premium+ tickets from OpenSkies, a subsidiary of British Airways, from New York to Amsterdam. Tom won the tickets on ('the world's most popular frequent flyer community.') All those nights of pecking away on the laptop paid off again big time, superceding our Last Great Cheap Adventure (New York to Cyprus in first class with stops in Rome and Milan for $33.)

Our contact at OpenSkies got us access to the British Airways Terrace Lounge at JFK. Fortunately we brought a printout of the E-mail since the JFK ticket agent seemed to catch a whiff of Budget Traveler emanating from the Mr. & Mrs. C.

Here are the "Prem+" seats with individual entertainment systems.

Here are the fully reclining "Biz" class cabin seats.

We were the only two people in our Premium+ cabin. We had enough room to host our own rave.

OpenSkies served prosciutto salad and chicken on the way out, lamb with ratatouille on the return.

Home again. Breukelen and Lange Eylandt below.


  1. There isn't a First Class Cabin on Open Skies Airlines, it's Buisness Class (Biz) and Premium Class (Prem +).

  2. Text corrected. Thanks.