Monday, December 15, 2008

European winter travel tip

Being basically cheap people, we have made all of our trips to Europe in the dead of winter. Lesson learned: when packing for European travel in the winter, listen to your mother. Here is what I was supposed to dump off on my trip in order to make room for tulip bulbs, wheels of gouda and art books:

Packing Light part 2 by SamanthaC

Except for immediately losing five pounds of Vanity Fair on the plane ride over, I kept everything because I was FREEZING COLD. Those four turtlenecks? I think I wore them all, every day, one on top of the other. I ended up BUYING a pair of leggings. Momma told me I would freeze my Heineken off and she was right.

This would have been easily solved by bringing a proper coat. By wearing a coat that was too light (as I also did in Italy last year), I had to cling to layers of clothing. I could not downsize my luggage as went. Even worse, I was lumpy.

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